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 Robyn Alatorre's paintings and assemblages depict an interpretation of the history of art itself. It is a translation of reality seen through traditional techniques and cultural styles. Distorting reality through the shifting of perceptions, new meaning is derived by age old cultural references. There is something above and beyond sincerity—it is truth defying convention, and a parody of perception


Robyn Alatorre is a Los Angeles artist who was born in San Francisco, California and spent most of her formative years in Reno, Nevada. Her father is an avid art collector and is Robyn's preeminent inspiration as an artist. The very same month she earned a BA in Art Education, she married the love of her life and began her teaching career.  In the early aughts, she realized that she would never feel whole unless she could feed her creative side. Robyn immersed herself in painting and soon began exhibiting her work in local galleries. Robyn Alatorre's work has now been shown in a number of galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a resident artist in Berlin, Germany she had her first solo show followed by second in Los Angeles a year later.

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